Finding the most suitable finance solution for you isn’t always as easy as it should be. There are after all many ways you can finance your upcoming van purchase, from using your business profits or savings to buy right through to accessing a loan or other form of vehicle finance. Many of the savviest business owners use vehicle finance to fund the purchase of their commercial vehicles. But with a number of product types and finance providers out there, how can you ensure you’re getting the best deal?

Here at Vans 365, we provide a transparent and trustworthy finance service to all our customers. Our specialists work with you closely to establish the best financial solution for you and your circumstances, and partner with handpicked vehicle finance providers to make your van purchase affordable, simple and clear.

Flexible van finance that works for you

We provide access to a wide range of finance options to ensure you can unlock the benefits of business finance for yourself. Browse our van finance options below for further information or contact our team direct for advice:

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Business Contract Hire

Business Contract Hire is an excellent financial solution for many business owners and fleet managers. Those looking for fixed cost motoring can find ultimate peace of mind, particularly if they are certain about the mileage that they’ll be travelling and the condition of the vehicle over the term. A form of vehicle leasing, Business Contract Hire is a popular option, and has fast become an easy and affordable way to fund the growth of commercial vehicle fleets. With Business Contract Hire, you can have confidence that the cost of your new van is covered thanks to fixed monthly rental payments throughout the length of your contract. Read more

Business Finance Lease

Whilst similar in name to the previous finance product, Business Finance Lease is another popular solution for those looking to fund their new vehicle purchase with confidence and clarity. Again you have fixed monthly rental payments to make, but at the end of the term you have the chance to make profit on the commercial vehicle that you have come to know. At the end of the contract you can trade in the vehicle or pay a final rental/balloon figure. If the final sale price is above this predetermined balloon payment, you get to keep the profit! Read more

Business Lease Purchase

This vehicle leasing option gives you all you need to lease the vehicle for a fixed monthly payment as well as harness the added option to own the vehicle come the end of your term. Your vehicle purchase is after all an investment, which makes the prospect of owning the vehicle even more rewarding as you can continue to use a van that you are familiar with. These contracts are generally between 24 and 60 months in length and require a low deposit that is often equal to around 3 monthly payments. Read more

Business Contract Purchase

Your van is often your biggest business asset, a way to maximise your business profits and deliver the highest standard of service to your own customer base. Our Business Contract Purchase option helps you make the most of your van with a set series of monthly payments throughout the length of your term. At the end of your contract period, ownership will pass to you after you settle a final payment, giving you the freedom to manage your asset as you see fit. Whether that means part exchanging it, handing the vehicle back or keeping the vehicle for further business use. Read more

Van Hire Purchase

Spreading the cost of your new van is simple with our Van Hire Purchase finance option. After agreeing an initial deposit and contract term, your monthly repayment amount will be set leaving you to drive your vehicle away and put it to great use within your company following approval. With contract terms of between 1 and 5 years you have the freedom, flexibility and financial security needed to invest in a van that’s best suited to your needs whilst balancing your business’ books accurately and efficiently. Better yet, after your term is over, you own your van outright. Read more

Is business finance right for me?


At Vans 365, we make it simple to fund your commercial vehicle purchase. If you are unsure about whether business finance is right for you and your company in the first place however, our team can help you weigh up the pros and cons, so you can make a sound financial decision for your business. As an impartial advisor authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we provide the independent guidance and support you need to discover the best financial route for you, whether you want to apply for one of the finance products above or explore other options.

There are many advantages that go hand-in-hand with business finance, a fact that makes exploring the finance options available particularly popular. With our business finance support you can:

  • Get one-to-one, FCA authorised and regulated guidance from the best van finance experts in the industry
  • Spread the cost of your van purchase across periods of up to 60 months
  • Enjoy fixed monthly repayments with no hidden charges and at low interest rates
  • Deal with existing vehicle finance contracts effectively through early settlement
  • Access business tax relief to save yet more money for your company
  • Find out in less than 15 minutes whether your finance has been agreed
  • Finance your van purchase even if you have a bad credit history

Get your company on the road to success by finding out more about our business van finance options today.

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