An excellent financial solution for many business owners and fleet managers, Business Contract Hire offers fixed cost motoring and ultimate peace of mind in one fell swoop. This product in particular is perfect for customers who can be certain about the mileage that they’ll be travelling and the condition of the vehicle over the term.

Business Contract Hire is a popular vehicle leasing option, and is widely used by businesses who want to expand their commercial vehicle fleets in the easiest and most affordable way possible. With Business Contract Hire you can confidently cover the cost of your new vehicle with fixed monthly payments throughout your contract period.

The benefits

There are many advantages to leasing a new van via a Business Contract Hire product. The low deposit (which usually equates to around 3 months of repayments) means there’s very minimal outlay to secure a new van that helps you to fulfil your business objectives. Business Contract Hire customers can also look forward to low, fixed monthly repayments throughout the length of their 24- to 60-month term.
Business Contract Hire products don’t just help you finance your new van. Maintaining your new commercial vehicle is also made hassle free thanks to the servicing and maintenance add-on options often available. With Business Contract Hire, you have the opportunity to free up capital and purchase a vehicle without the risk of depreciation. There’s less admin to deal with too, and plenty of tax and expenses benefits to enjoy as part of your lease agreement.

Is it right for me?

Business Contract Hire isn’t for everyone. For the many benefits of this vehicle leasing product, there are a couple of drawbacks to take into account. The prospect of owning the vehicle at the end of the term is non-existent, whilst those looking to settle their contract early may find it to be expensive.

Those who can’t predict the time and mileage for the use of their vehicle may find another van finance product better suited to them, as going over the agreed allowances will incur extra charges. As with any leasing product, the vehicle must be returned in a well maintained condition with charges for damage as per your agreement.

For further information about this van finance product or any other of our flexible finance options, please contact our team direct.